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Everything You Need To Know About Vertical Blinds

Are you looking to install some blinds in your house but not sure what to use to cover a sliding door? Vertical blinds serve the same purpose as any other kinds of blinds except instead of moving up and down, the slats open and close by moving side to side. They are typically used in rooms that have wide windows or sliding doors. If you have bay windows in the home, vertical blinds are also a great option to cover them.

Some Basic Info About Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can come in a variety of colour. Depending on where they will be installed, the width of the blades can also vary a great deal. Choosing the width of your vertical blind blades should be in proportion to the windows they will cover- the wider the window, the wider the blinds should be. The height and shape are also important and these too can be customized to fit any window setting.

As mentioned earlier, vertical blinds track side to side the same way curtains do. These can be manually controlled by pulling a cord, or an automatic controller can be installed. To prevent excess swinging of the blades, vertical blinds are joined at the bottom by a thin cord made of string.

Matching Your Blinds With Your Home

The modern appearance of vertical blinds matches perfectly if contemporary looking homes. The fact that they are vertical also adds a heightening effect to any room. Vertical blinds are also great for windows and sliding doors in the house that are taller and harder to cover with horizontal blinds. If a room is too dark, replacing heavy curtains with vertical blinds is an excellent way to allow more light in without giving up your privacy.

Cleaning Your Blinds

One of the main benefits of the vertical positioning of these blinds is that they collect less dust and therefore are easier to clean. Blades should be cleaned by first closing the blinds so the wide face of each blade is visible.

At this point, you have the option of cleaning them with non-invasive cleaning products. Usually, a wet cloth with Handy Andy should do the trick, but a soft soap can also be used. Don’t forget to vacuum the track as that is where dust often collects and can interfere with the movement of your blinds. Once you’ve cleaned one side of your blinds, gently turn each one and repeat the process.

The other option to clean the blades is to take one by one and wash in the bath tub and hang it on the clothesline to dry.

Vertical blinds add a beautiful touch to any home and can add brightness to excessively dark rooms and still preserve an acceptable level of privacy. We at Auckland Blind Speacialists are ready to help you find the perfect set of vertical blinds to fit any sliding door or tall set of windows in your home. Contact our team today for your free consultation and see why thousands of homeowners like yourself have walked away satisfied by our 30+ years of experience.

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