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Serving NZ SINCE 1999

Zebra Blinds

Introducing Zebra Blinds, the Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Transform Your Space with Elegance

Transform your windows with our sophisticated Zebra Blinds, redefining window treatments with a two-layer design. Crafted with precision, these blinds feature Blockout or Semi-blockout (Light Filtering) fabric and translucent sheer, balancing sunlight and privacy.

Auckland Blind Specialists have over 35+ years of hands-on manufacturing and installation experience. We are Auckland Blind Specialists – the name says it all!

Feel free to reach out to us for available color options

Elevate your living space with Zebra Blinds – where style and efficiency converge seamlessly.

Don’t just cover your windows; adorn them with the best in elegance and innovation. Order now for a window transformation like never before!

Your Total Solution

Blind Services Hub

Auckland Blinds services and products come with an automatic guarantee against faulty parts. Enjoy a full 5-year warranty on all products purchased. That means peace of mind that you are getting only the best quality blinds that are made to the highest standards.

The installation process is quick and efficient, with full instructions for caring for your blinds provided on site.

While on site, our blind technicians will demonstrate the mechanisms of the blinds, so you understand full operation and care to ensure a long life.

Looking to re-vanish, re-oil or change the colour of your blinds?

With painting and re-fabrication, you can change the colour of your existing cedar blinds without the cost of a full replacement.

We can paint any colour. It’s easy! Simply provide us with the paint name, brand, and code for an exact match, or choose from a wide range of our paints swatches.

Note: Custom painting is only available for Auckland Blinds.

Customer Service

Whether you want advice or have a question, our team would love to help. Our number is 0800 276 1200