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Five Must Know Tips for Buying Shutters

If you’re looking at a room and think it needs a makeover, one of the items that could really help with a new look is band new window shutters. These add-ons are a versatile option and work perfectly with any room in your home. Furthermore, the dimensions can be measured so they’re the perfect fit, and the color possibilities are endless, so you can try any color combination your imaginative mind (and heart) desires. Apart from their cosmetic benefits, they also have very practical functions. They can block outside light from entering the room, help control room temperature, and allow for flexible privacy control.

Here are 5 must-know tips for buying shutters for your home:

1. Windows and Shutter Layout Should Match

This is a very important detail that if left unchecked will have you spending more money to get it fixed. Customize your shutter so that they match up with wooden struts in your windows. This will prevent wooden handles from being visible when you look through the louvre blades.

2. Windows and Shutters Colors Should Match

Some people make the mistake of matching the color of their shutters to walls or their floor. This isn’t the best idea because if in the future you choose to remodel your home, you may choose a floor or wall coloring that doesn’t match your shutters. Matching the shutters with your windows instead allows you to keep an appealing look and could save you money in the long run.

3. Shutters Should Match Your Property

While shuttering a house starts with a single room, that should not be your only focus. You also need to consider the appearance of the rest of your home. Remember to keep the design and color consistent with the entire property for desirable visual impact.

4. Go Big With Blades

Go big or go home! If your goal is to install shutters that provide your rooms with the most amount of light, larger louvres will allow you to do this without having to fold-back the shutters or fully open them. Be sure to check the size of your windows first before choosing the size of the blades, you may only be able to install shutters with medium-sized blades, but these also get the job done.

5. Choose The Right Handles

For some reason, this detail is often overlooked or not given enough importance. Handles complete the look of the shutters and also make a difference in how easily you can open and close your shutters. Take the time to thoroughly review your options and choose the best handles for your shutters.

If you’re remodeling your home, or want to add a stylish option, a beautiful set of shutters could do the job while providing a fresh new look. If you’re in the market for top quality shutters, Auckland Blind Speacialists’ friendly team of professionals has over 30 years of experience helping homeowners like you find the perfect shutters and blinds for their properties.

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