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Paulownia Blinds

The Perfect Setting for Paulownia Blinds

Paulownia Blinds, Descended from Asia

Paulownia blinds are versatile and match many home environments. Most commonly, the blinds are installed in homes that have wooden elements and a natural, earthy feel to them. If your home doesn’t fit this description – don’t worry! There are many styles and custom designs of paulownia blinds that will be compatible with your living space.

Auckland Blind Specialists have over 35+ years of hands-on manufacturing and installation experience. We are Auckland Blind Specialists – the name says it all!


Our Available Window Paulownia Colours

Paulownia wood is both light and tough which makes it the perfect type of hardwood to convert into blinds. The wood is not very flexible and this helps to prevent it from breaking. Paulownia is so strong that it actually has the best strength to weight ratio out of any other wood.
When the Paulownia wood is cut into blinds, each slat gives an individual pattern. At Auckland Blinds, Paulownia wood is available in light, dark and white. Custom colour paint is another option that is available for customers as well.

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