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Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Improve Your Home’s Value and Comfort with Sunscreen Blinds

With sunscreen roller blinds, you’ll enjoy a coverage solution that provides ample protection from the sun while still allowing sufficient natural light. Add value to your home, improve energy efficiency, and enjoy a more comfortable living environment with help from Auckland Blind Specialists! Explore our range of sunscreen blinds below and request your free quote or consultation from our experienced team.

Protect your Furnishings with Sunscreen Blinds

Glare and harmful UV light can affect your home’s carpet and furnishings. Leather, in particular, is very susceptible to sunlight. Sunlight acts as a natural bleaching agent, this can make leather dry, crack and fade. At Auckland Blinds, our sunscreen blinds block 90%, 95% or 97% of the sun ray’s. This protects not only your health, but also your carpets, curtains and furniture from premature fading and discolouration. Sunscreen blinds also come with the added benefit of providing privacy, its one-way visibility means this doesn’t obstruct your view of the outside. Choose a colour from our wide range of sunscreen blinds and receive a complimentary quote from us today.

Auckland Blind Specialists have over 35+ years of hands-on manufacturing and installation experience. We are Auckland Blind Specialists – the name says it all!

for your home

Available Colours for Sunscreen Blinds


Sunscreen Blind Components

Auckland Blind Specialist Base Rail Oval
Oval Bottom Rail
Auckland Blind Specialist Base Rail Round
Round Bottom Rail
Auckland Blind Specialist Base Rail Flat
Flat Bottom Rail
Your Total Solution

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Auckland Blinds services and products come with an automatic guarantee against faulty parts. Enjoy a full 5-year warranty on all products purchased. That means peace of mind that you are getting only the best quality blinds that are made to the highest standards.

The installation process is quick and efficient, with full instructions for caring for your blinds provided on site.

While on-site, our blind technicians will demonstrate your roller blind mechanisms, so you understand their operation to ensure a long life.