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Pro tips For Choosing and Cleaning Fauxwood Blinds

When looking to improve the overall appearance of their property, many homeowners opt for choosing the perfect set of wood blinds for the warm and appealing glow that it adds. There’s just something special about a natural-looking finish that everyone seems to love. But it’s no secret that wood blinds can get very pricey, and if you’re remodeling on a budget, they may not fit into your expenses. Faux wood is a popular and durable alternative that display the same beautiful look for a lower price! But before you buy the first faux wood blinds you see, check out the following tips to make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

Choose the Room(s) Wisely

If moisture and humidity are a concern, you’ll be happy that you went with faux wood blinds. They’re more durable and made of PVC material, which makes them impervious to humidity and moisture caused by temperature changes. This means faux wood would typically serve you better in places like your laundry room, kitchen, and/or bathroom. Also, if you have rambunctious children running around the home, you may want to consider a more affordable and durable option like faux wood blinds.

Know Your Budget

Choosing to add new blinds to the home is a great investment. They serve many functions for practical reasons, help the home look more appealing, and that new cosmetic appeal can even help increase the value of the home. But before diving into your project, make sure your budget is set so the job can be completed to its fullest. The last thing you want is to start installing room by room, then realize that you’ve got budgetary problems halfway through. Colors available are white and cream.

What Makes Faux Wood Blinds So Great?

Unlike cedar blinds, faux wood blinds are not made from hardwood. The material in faux wood is water-resistant which makes them the perfect fit in rooms where humidity is prevalent. They are also very easy to clean and are very durable.

Cleaning Your Faux Wood Blinds

Cleaning faux wood blinds can be done very easily using a standard feather duster, or you can purchase dusters that are specifically designed for this purpose. For a deeper clean, you can use water and a cloth to gently scrub them, without having to worry about the water warping the material.

Our team of friendly professionals has over 30 years of experience helping homeowners like you find the perfect faux wood blinds for their home. Contact us today and get started on giving your home a new look with quality faux wood blinds, and customer service you can count on.


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