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Everything You Need To Know About Paulownia Blinds

If you have made the decision to remodel or upgrade some of the features in your home, you’ll be looking at various parts of your living space that you’ll want to improve for both cosmetic and functional reasons. One of the features you simply cannot ignore is choosing a new set of blinds to help add the finishing touches and give your home a complete package look. But it’s not as easy as picking a color that matches your windows. There are several kinds of blinds made from different woods and materials you can choose from.

Paulownia blinds are a popular choice among homeowners for their quality and durability. And while they are not the biggest seller on the market, they do provide many benefits that still make them a top choice! In this article, we’ll provide you with all the important information you’ll need before purchasing the paulownia blinds for your home.


What Are Paulownia Trees?

Paulownia trees originate in Southeast Asia, but are popular across the world and are used in furniture, construction, biofuel, and even some surfboards. Part of what makes this tree so special is the fact that it grows faster than any other known hardwood tree, and it can grow in areas where high-quality soil is not present. This makes it an excellent option to reforest areas that have seen their trees heavily cut down. Paulownia’s deep roots allow it to grow in areas where other trees have failed, like on steep hills or in areas that experience very strong winds. It is extremely fast growing – up to 20 feet in one year when young.

Paulownia Wood Blinds

Paulownia wood is both light and tough which makes it the perfect type of hardwoods to convert into blinds. The wood is not very flexible at all and this helps to prevent it from breaking. It’s so strong that it actually has the best strength to weight ratio out of any other wood.

When the paulownia wood is cut into blinds each slat is giving an individual pattern and will allow homeowners to change the amount of light that enters into their home. These types of blinds are available in light, dark and White. Custom colour painted is another option that is available for the customers as well.

The Perfect Setting for Paulownia Blinds

Paulownia blinds are quite versatile and can match many home environments, however, they are typically purchased for homes that have many wooden elements and a natural, earthy feel to them. If your home doesn’t fit this description, don’t worry! There are surely styles and designs of paulownia blinds that will be compatible with your living space. You also have the option of custom designs to get a finished product that resembles exactly what you have in mind.

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